Fluss des Lebens

I’ve knitted my first pair of Sonja’s socks Fluss des Lebens. Hope Lina will love them as much as I did  knitting  them. To tell you the trouth I’ve knitted one third sock – that’s because I’ve made an error, I’ve added half a repeat of the “Zopf Muster”, so I have to knit another left sock for Lina. Did I ever mention I hate frogging or re-knitting things? So, now, I have a single blue sock waiting for a friend….. and some yarn left. I’ll knit a mišmaš for myself and knit a new pair of socks – with the same cotton blend but in pale blue and white colour – for my son.
At this very moment I’m learning how to knit short rows heel flaps ( on two pair of socks ) and I’ve started my sock swap project. Something white, with beads and lace. Something I’ve never knitted before.
I have only one regret – I did not accept to test a nice project from Unite contro il cancro. It was a small size, not adjustable, and I really don’t have enough time to knit just for fun. Alas I have to wait another 10 years before I could retreat from work and start playing all for myself.


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