New knitting

It was so hot outside that I just stopped knitting. Then I went to Vienna and I had such a wonderful evening with Barbara and Kristine, two really skilled knitters, and I was back on needles again.
Here are a small display of my latest efforts.
First of all the socks I’m knitting for my swap partner. Hope she will like them, because the pattern is so really lacy-nice and the strech cotton is just perfect for the project. I’m not sure about the beads, but she can crash them with a hammer, no?  

 This is another version of Fluss des Lebens sock, knitted in one of the really tousend yarns of Tausendschoen , the yellow one are plain socks for my son M., knitted in Opal Hundertwasser.

Of couse I’m not only knitting socks. I’m on a Rowan project knitted with the Lana Grossa’s Linea pura cotton-kashmere  blend. I bargain I could not resist… know there is no cure for this.

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