So, at least we are in 2012. Another year to cope with. And with an additional day……. Arghhhh.

I’m sure I’ll need some help. Look, a pair of spare hands (paws)!

  He will have to help me!
 Indeed we did cooperate to CO and BO the very same day a KAL called Nouage bleu – I’m sure there will be a link on Ravlery because Tibisay is very efficient as a moderator.
Apart from this, I’m still thinking about entering the current international sock swap. I have a titanic work in front of me, my beloved Chiara is going to marry her fiancee at the very beginning of June. And I’ll knit the wedding stole for her. Will I have enough time for such an intensive knitting work? Will I have enough time at all? The kids, the dogs, my work, my friends, my cooking, my readings????
Do I sound on the verge of depression? A little bit hysterical?
No way. I’ll wait another week, then I’ll make my decision. In the meantime I’ll try to cuddle my boys, dreaming about another dog to rescue….as for knitting… here it is, my first 2012 knitted garment, just washed and fluffy.

  Thanks, Gormit, for helping


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