A sunny Saturday in Ljubljana

Big shopping day in Ljubljana today. Well, not really. Infact I’m proud to tell you that I just gave a look to a red, black and brown bra from Ag.provocateur : half priced it runs about 90 euro, the tiny panties 50€. Now I know for sure the origin of the brand’s name…..
But I had a mission to complete, a bunch of Ito silk to order at Niti Niti for the project of the year – a wedding stole. And I had to visit my beloved no fashion wool shop, where I always find some rather harsh yarn, the one I love the best for the smell that reminds me of Scotland and for the lanoline still present in the skeins.
Not to mention the bargain price. Sure enough my bride-to-be will not have to walk down the aisle wearing a heavy woolen, carpet alike throw. She will be wrapped into the most beautiful shawl you’ll ever see. That’s because it is still to be knitted and it is still to be express in a pattern version. Right now it’ s a floating idea, a challenge. But I’m really confident about the final product.
For all the ladies that will visit Ljubljana next month I have a formal invitation for them to a coffe break at the Nebotičnik – it means skyskraper and that’s  what it is. They offer a superb capuccino and have a yummy selection of cakes.  And a great terrace with a terrific view. 

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