Valentina’s project with Zabbers’s yarn

I’ ve started a test knitting – maybe it’s not – of the Valentina Cosciani’ s Capuccino. I have this lovely handspun yarn Zabbers sent me. It’s a hand painted Blue faced Leicester fleece named Camouflage from High bid farm, Brockport NY. 
The main colour is more bright green and I really love the way the sand cables used by Tibisay for her pattern  does work with a handspun yarn. 

2 thoughts on “Valentina’s project with Zabbers’s yarn

  1. Ciao, Eva, I'm a knitter from California spending a week in Venice, and I'm thinking about taking the train to Trieste for a day or two. I saw your post about stitch'n'spritz — I love this idea! Are they still doing it? What day do they meet? Are there good yarn shops in Trieste? I'd love to meet up with you if I come — it would be great to meet a knitter. all the best, (I also posted this comment on your Ravelry page in case you check there first)Rachael

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