Spring time and bla bla bla

I know you know today is the day poets become visible and media spend time and words about them and their work. One single day – and isn’t it strange how people make such a fuss around other “days” and then simply forget how much a drop of poetry could do for our heart and soul?
I am not a poet myself – never wrote a verse, even when I was in this pinky teenager mood. But I’m still convinced a haiku is somewhere waiting for me. Stop now. I’ll give you some pics to use for your own poetical inspiration. The one I love the best is the timid look of my mighy rhubarb.

 – be patient with my photo experiments, I was just testing picmonkey and I’m pretty pleased with how it works –


2 thoughts on “Spring time and bla bla bla

  1. Nessuna traccia, ma aspetto fiduciosa. In compenso un certo timo di Puglia e' spravvissuto al gelo e alla siccita' e sta spuntando verdolino verdolino. Quando torni ti organizzo un pomeriggio coccoloso – anche se ormai avrai fatto il pieno di natura e non vedrai l'ora di chiuderti in casa…..

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