Irene’s summer bag and Serendip tea

Please admire the summer bag I was able to saw together following the instructions, the live tutorial and the advices of Irene, the nice owner of the La volpe rossa shop in Opicina. I’ m more than happy to quote her and her work because I really can’t stand people who are used to copy other people’s work and don’t even mention it was someone else’s idea/work/pattern. Ever heard of intellectual property? Of common courtesy? Of honesty?

In any case this was my bag at the misterious point of assembling the entire project

This was her “birth”
And – this was the final result



4 thoughts on “Irene’s summer bag and Serendip tea

  1. E’ bellissima!!!!! 🙂
    Non vedo l’ora di finire tutto e imparare davvero a cucire… La prima prova sarà una bella borsa, ho giusto una stoffa con le vespe in attesa 😀
    Un bacione!

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