Eva’s shawl, done

I have been so busy the last couple of days…..

and the weather was rather unusual last Saturday, when we drove to Klagenfurt to collect our son, coming home from Hastings. (he was so upset because he could not jump into the sea, but the swimming was forbidden because it was too windy). Guess what – it was snowing…..

And this is my – really mine, see the owl – Eva’s shawl. Partly araucania, partly Posh yarn, with the colours perfectly matching my bag and my office mug. Alas my smartphone has lot of pix, but the colours are not so realistic. The shawlette will be very useful in my everyday fight against the air condition at the office. When it’s cold outside, we are chilling, when it’s hot, the air condition is broken. The building maneger needs an exorcism.


This and that – mostly about the garden

Here we are – the first flowers….
…. on my balcony…..
…. work in progress in the garden…..
…. with a little help of Gromit ….

….my favourite location….

… and my Eva’s shawl…. that’s all….

Another empty bag

 Let me make a statement: I have to put order into my life!
I was a chaos addicted, pretending there was a cosmic order working for my documents, bills, writings, shoes, whatever. Now I’m not so sure it really works. That’s why I’m clearing my space – starting with the colourful mess of my yarns. It’s the easy part, you know, papers will have to wait…
The granny crochet affaire works pretty good, I do not plan in advance the colourway, just make a selection of yarns I’ll possibly use in a not so distant future and yarns that does not “talk” to me (anymore). Sure enough you have to watch TV or listen to music while crocheting – that’s the trick, at least for me.

Watching TV and knitting projects

 I’m sure you have a secret place full of yarn. Maybe it’s not so secret – how could you possibly hide all the yarn you’ve bought in your adult life just because you have to? Well. Now it’s time to give a sense to this forgotten yarn. At least I’m in the mood, so I’m clearing (and cleaning) my stash. Right now I’m working on a crochet stole that will put an end to my Noro scraps. It’s the right project for TV afternoons, since your crochet hook is going his way and you can follow your favourite program.

While I’m devoting myself to mindless crochet work, I’m also knitting a dark blue cotton gansey for my son. It request more attention, but in the meantime you don’t get bored and you just go on knitting.