This and that

Meet my iron friends – the owls came from Eisenkappel – ┼Żelezna kapla (what else?) and the chicken from an Austrian artist we met years ago. His name is Fritz Russ, his home-atelier is in Gmuend. From the very small chicken to the impressive cow that stares at you near the Tauer highway, you could recognize  the Russ’s touch. I can also suggest you to visit her partner’s  – she is an artist too.


This and that – mostly about the garden

Here we are – the first flowers….
…. on my balcony…..
…. work in progress in the garden…..
…. with a little help of Gromit ….

….my favourite location….

… and my Eva’s shawl…. that’s all….

Strawberries and friends

Yesterday we drove to Klagenfurt. Our son was on his way to Hastings – that’s what I call a school trip! – with 50 or so other schoolmates.
The weather in Klagenfurt was not so good. If you know what it means “stormy weather” (and you could even sing this marvelous song), you’ll understand what I’m talking about.
But the kids came to London on the scheduled time and this part of the job was done.

Driving home, we (me, in this case) simply could not resist the appeal of all those strawberries seedlings with fancy names – from the White Ananas, to a Ruby red and a tiny Florika. Sure enough they are now waiting for me to plant them and make them grow. That’s what I intend to do this afternoon – AKA when I’ll come home from the office (yes, I do work on Sundays when I’m on duty).

I’ll also have to plant some cherries tomato, same parsley and some cucumers seedlings. Oh, and yellow pepperoni too.

My name is red – finished

Meet my tiny herb garden. It’s very usefull – you just go outside and pick whatever you need for your meal: fresh herbs for an omelette, something to add to your best salsa, even mint leaves for tasty drinks you’ll serve your visiting friends.