Too busy to stop by

Would you belive I”m so busy I don’t have time to write down two or three lines? It’s true. I need time, I need a good sleep, I need some time off duty. I understand it’s too much and I also know there is no cure for my status. It’s just me. But sometimes a small miracle happens. Like the pic here above. After work I drove home and there was this warm sunset caressing our house wall. Love smartphones just for the camera 😉


A busy day

Just a warm welcome to the new day. Starting from a visit to the vet the day will – hopefuly – end with the family renuited for supper. It’s my day off, but I know pretty well how to make myself busy, so busy I’ll write it down as bussssssssy. See you

Adoro questo angolino dello specchio del bagno. Mi dá il buongiorno come si deve. E che giornata mi attende! A partire dal veterinario per le vaccinazioni etc. per finire – si spera – a cena con tutta la famiglia attorno allo stesso tavolo. Il berilio é meno raro in natura……. Oggi non sono di turno, ma so come riempirmi la giornata. Lo faccio fin troppo bene. Ci si vede

Work in progress

No knitting, no cooking – just a note about our home and the new balcony. That means: another step on the path that will help me to my future fairy garden…. a new place for me and my knitting…. a proper place for my hanging flowers…

If it sounds a little bit personal, it’s true. But right now it’s all  in the paws of our Gromit the builder

The future stairway….