Red fox bag

Working on my swap socks I badly needed a proper bag. And ta-daaah here it is, after a nice afternoon at my sewing machine. Love the foxy pattern and the lining. I’ve bought both at the La volpe rossa shop in Opcina near the place where I live.   Also love the wool I’m using. It’s a very soft blend I’ve purchased at the . It’s a 2 ply I’m using doubled.

Sto lavorando ai calzini traforati per lo swap di ravelry e, sapete com’e’ , sentivo che mi mancava una borsina portalavoro. Cosi’ ho ripreso la mia macchina da cucire – abbandonata un bel po’ di anni fa, dopo l’ultimo lenzuolino per il secondo figlio neonato – ed ho improvvisato una borsa morbida e capiente. La stoffa l’ho presa da La volpe rossa a Opicina, l’ho leggermente imbottita, e ci ho aggiunto una tasca multiuso. Non  portero’ mattoni, ma la lana e qualche gadget si. Lavoro le calze con la lana prodotta dall’azienda agricola usata doppia.



 This morning the postman (no, she is a lady) came by with a small parcell from the USA. Small – but with a great content – please, have a look: this is what Tammy made and put together for me. I love flowers and owls – here they are in my favourite version, seeds, a bookmark and stitch markers. Thank you Tammy – Grazie!

Since it was a sock swap – there was also a pair of socks inside this tiny box. They are so nicely knitted (did you use 2 mm needles??) and they fit so well, I’m just sorry it’s too hot to wear them right now. Love them. Have I thanked you, already, Tammy? Ok, maybe another hvala (in slovene) will do.

It’s hot, but who could resist???? surely not me – see how perfectly they fit? Bye now, I have to cast on whatever, just to make my new owls fly…..